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Lamp Shades

Lamp Shades

A complete lamp consists of four parts: the lamp shade, the lamp base, the lamp harp (the piece that sits between the base and the shade) and the lamp finial (the piece on top that holds the shade to the harp).

Lamp shades are made up from a number of connected panels. The size and slope of the shade depends on the number and size of the panels.

You should allow two weeks for your lamp to be created.


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8 Panel Lamp
Heightapprox 8"
Base Diameterapprox 12"-13"
Lamp Shade Only$220
Complete Lamp As Shown$260
8 Panel Lamp
Heightapprox 7"
Base Diameterapprox 10"-11"
Lamp Shade Only$210
Complete Lamp As Shown$270

Care of your Lamp

Your lamp may require polishing from time to time to prevent oxidisation of the solder. Ordinary car polish applied with a soft cloth will do the trick.

WARNING: It is not recommended to use stronger than a 60 watt globe.