Ok ok....what HAVE I been doing?! Well, it all started one Thursday after Erna had a meeting with a PR person for a new airline
'German Wings'. They were offering 10,000 seats on flights via Cologne that night between 7 and midnight for 19 euros (about
$40). SO as a birthday present Erna said I could pick 3 destinations. I had to pay for the accomodation and things, but they
paid the flights... I was so excited!!! So Monday of the next week I flew out... and the rest is vaguely described on my diary
page. Lucky eh?! I never imagined that coming to Switzerland would mean I could do all this! Anyway, I've carefully
selected a few photos. (I took 170 in total, so you'll just have to catch up with me when I return if you want to see and
hear more...I have many stories to tell)

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