Monday 6th January, 2003
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I pray that you have started the New Year well and in style! I'm just glad things are getting back to normal now...everything seems to be closed or closes early during the Christmas/New Year can be quite frustrating if you need to buy something or organise something at the bank! Well I had a lovely Christmas. It's all very formal get dressed up on Chrsitmas Eve, the tree is perfect with real candles and everthing, the grandparents come around and you all have a nice wine or champayne and toast. Then there's soup. Then we break for at a time with the appropriate thank you cheek kissing every single time (it takes a LONG time). Then the main course...a very proper rolled meat in pastry (I prefer Pork on the Weber)...then more present openning with the same sense of ceremony. Then coffee and cake and then off I went to the Midnight service at the English International church (I managed to get a lift) [Click to enlarge image]
[Click to enlarge image] Then followed 5 days of ski lessons - my family here gave it to me as a present! The first 2 days were interesting as I got used to the skis. The third day was horrible!! THere still wasn't snow on the lower easy slopes, so we went down an intermediate slope. I fell over... A LOT!!! It took so much energy to keep getting myself up...I was completely exhausted by the end and my pride and courage had taken a severe battering! I was therefore quite scared on the fourth day, but I seemed to be getting used to it and had a great time!! On the last day we changed to another intermediate slope that was actually a bit steeper. And the instructor was trying to teach us parallel turns. Again I was petrified. I didn't fall over as much as the third day, but I was still glad to finish. I will be getting a lot of skiing practice though...and I think I'll stick to the beginner slopes at least for a month or so. I'm also hoping to try snowboarding, but we'll have to see....
My New Year was a fairly quiet one. I had dinner with friends and then we walked up a hill that overlooks Luzern and watched all the fireworks going off all over the city. Here it's legal to buy and set off your own fireworks, so crackers were going off everywhere. We prayed as a group before we went out and then seeing all the little explosions over the city made it a really nice way to welcome in the New Year. I didn't make any New Year's resolutions this year...I always seem to make the same ones and I never seem to follow them through. SO I just prayed for a good year... a rich year (and I don't mean financially...although it would be nice).

Anyway, enough for now...if you wanna know more I guess you'll just have to email or write to me! Tchüss!!
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