Monday 27th January, 2003
Well, well, well...what a month! I've been getting in a bit more skiing (I'm quite proficient at falling now) as well as a day trip to Geneva with my friend Kristen (an exchange student from Queensland) , I've also helped to build and then slept in an igloo. Geneva was nice. The weather was a bit cloudy and I didn't quite see all I wanted, but it was still a good day and I enjoyed having a companian this time. I think I'll go again perhaps in March or April when the weather is a bit nicer. I was so confused there!! Geneva is in the French speaking part of Switzerland and my french is not very good at all. We met two other Aupairs and they said that people there learn French first, then German, then Italien and then English, so we'd be better off speaking German. But I kept trying to use the little French I knew and adding a few German and English words and getting myself very confused! Oh L l! [Click to enlarge image]
[Click to enlarge image] And last weekend was my igloo experience! The family here gave it to me as a Christmas was very exciting. In my typical perfectionist way, I kept making snow bricks until I had mastered the art of getting them the right size and the side perfectly smooth...sometimes I was even a little obsessive and re-sawed the edges until it was a perfect brick...I'm very proud of my brick making skills now. The igloo is built until the person building on the inside is 'built-in'. Then they dig the entrance under the bottom of the igloo wall. I had a small igloo all to myself, and I was very happy with that. It was so cool! No pun intended because if we're talking temperature, it was about -5 degrees it was actually quite cold. I felt a little cold at night even with my thermal mat, thermal sleeping bag, sleeping bag liner and thermal underwear! But it was definately an exciting I just have to find some snow in Australia and do it again!!
It's snowing now in Hergiswil. It's all so pretty but I'm sure I'll get sick of it fairly quickly. Today I walked Chantal to school, whilst pushing David in the pram, whilst trying to hold the umbrella at such an angle that snow didn't get on David or in my eyes, whilst holding Reika on a leash, whilst she kept trying to pull away. Taking into account I only have two hands and snow makes it more difficult than usual to steer in a straight line...this was some what difficult. Then of course I had to do shopping and figure out how to balance the shopping bag on the pram, under the umbrella and hold onto it whilst holding Reika who is pulling away, the umbrella which keeps getting blown by the wind and steering the pram in a fairly straight line! Normally I do all this, just without the snow factor...I can see that this is going to spoil my love of snow experience.

Anyway, enough for now...if you wanna know more I guess you'll just have to email or write to me! Tchss!!
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